Well Ember seems 'appy that 'er awld mate Greggor is fine, but a little distraught that she can't get 'er 'ands on that 'erb no more.

Anyways I've got news that a merchant by the name of Evenwood finks he's found a new strike in the Earffast Moun'ains and he's lookin for guys to 'elp make sure his team can get there to, ... (what was the word again ?, oh yeah) ... 'Verify the Find' and if its good, to keep an eye on the site 'till 'e can get some propper diggers and stuff on site. 

It's not a straight coin job, its a retainer for the duration, He finks it's likley to take about a fortnight but 'e said 'e was willin' te to back you to the tune of 8 silver a day per man, but silver tounged devil that I am, Talked 'im up to a nice round Gold in stead, you can fank me later

Anyway's I'll bring 'im down tomorrow night 'nd we'll seal the deal then eh?