Hey there boys

Ang's been on to me again and he say's he fink's you are the one he's gonna go wif.

He's given me somefink he calls a 'visiostone', say's hell be able to see wot you's have done so he can write his "matserpieces".

Anyways, fink I may have somefink for yous that 'll pay n'all. Nice n' easy little trip up along by the river to see what's happened to Old Ember's friend Greggor. He has a small holding a couple of days walk out and grows some 'Special 'Erbs' for 'er. He normaly comes in about once a mounf to do do the deals wif Ember but 'e aint been for 2 mumfs naw and she's a bit worried about 'im,

Say's she'll make it wurf your while if you can find out wot's 'apend. 

I know 100 gold between you ain't much, but if you can get Buvos Ember on-side, life could be easier gettin' stuff you need later on, if you know what I mean.

So do I tell her it's a go?