Now we are getting more like the stuff of adventure. The battle with the Goblin warband could well be worth a verse at least. Magic a swordplay, foul beasts and knights in armour, The noble defenders, the innumerable hoard, the relief column coming to the rescue.
Okay, so a little artistic licence would be needed maybe, partially due to events like Durth standing and staring one of the Goblin shamans like a confused child for what seemed like an age, and that many of the party would have faced death were it not for Sir Vallis Debren, the Paladin of Red Knight who held the centre of the defences, but also due to the fact that, even though the Goblins did eventually leave, I'm not sure they were driven off, or if they retired from the field after achieving their objective.
Two of the hoard managed to break through the right side of the barricade and entered the mine and it was upon their return that the foe did finally head for the hills.
The mines senior officer, Davie Humfray spoke that once in the mine, the Goblins ran straight for an ante-chamber that was little used by the Miners and that after a brief moment, squealed and ran back out.
What Aellias and Durth found in the chamber made me wonder.
A lone pillar, carved by an expert hand, four winged figures, one on each face, each carrying a stone tablet, well each save one, their were scratches about the space where one of the winged figures should have been holding his tablet. Some of the scratches looked old, but others looked fresh and the hole that remained was smooth and carefully crafted, like a recess more than a hole, built maybe to take the tablet the winged figure would normally have been carrying.