Oh Gods, my head, 
That is absolutely the LAST time I let Pavel Starag order the drinks I don't know what goes into a 'Jolly Jack Tarr' but I would wager some ingredients would cause even the most foolhardy alchemist to use tongs at arms length.
Anyway, the Party returned safely last night and Pav called me down to The Red Griffon to celebrate. Finally I had the chance to meet some of the people they have encountered on this jaunt as well. The young sorceress Alyssa amd her even younger brother Istvan are overjoyed to be free of Kolic and his band and Royryn and his compatriots, (The only ones it seems who's heads remain clear this morning) seem like friendly souls and hardy to boot. The Hagspawn and Orog caused quite a stir from all in the bar, well except for Besk of course, but then very little disturbs him.
Apparently Mr Evenwood is coming down to get his report this afternoon, I just hope their heads are clearer then mine by then.