I do wish Pav was more organised, The Party was away and back again before I was able to find out they had gone anywhere and hence was not watching the Visiostone. Thank Mystra it has a memory is all I can say.

Although when I got to watch what had happened, It was hardly the stuff of Legend, although I guess they are new to the area and as such would not be trusted with the most sensitive or important of quests as yet. I was surprised that the herbs grown by Greggor had such an effect on the little dragonkin, it is truly a disturbing revelation that something so simple for us could have such a pronounced effect on Kobolds.

They handled themselves reasonably well in combat, although I feel it was fortunate that the lady showed up and calmed the Kobold attack on Greggor's farm. Things were soon to go wrong I fear and I hope that lessons were learned by those concerned. 

It does beg the question though, who the Lady was and why the Kobods were so, I'm not sure if 'Afraid' or 'In Awe' are the right terms, of her. It seams odd that she did not properly introduce herself or that anyone was able to recognise her. I would have thought one of that degree of power would have some renown.

 Anyway, Pav says that he thinks they could well be away again soon and has promised to let me know as soon as he can of their departure.