Aldus Evenwood must have been impressed with what he had seen from the party to come back to them so soon, Unfortunately severer members have decided to seek thier coin in other enterprises .. I guess some personalities don't mix .. Although this Solomon fellow Pav has recruited, I do not see mixing well with ANYONE, and Aravilar will find it difficult to be inconspicuous .. not just for being quite so tall and lean, but also for his ten foot wingspan. His ability to fly could well prove useful, but he will find himself being somehat of a missile magnet, wspecially with the lack of cover generally afforded my thin air.
I am not sure what lines Pav chooses that appeal to Orcs quite so much, but ha does seem to have found another one in Ottusk, although there does seem to al least be some brains in the head of this Cleric. Slightly more pleasing to the eye is Ariadne, the young scout who seems to have befriended the younger Alyssa, guess it is girls looking after each other in the company of such a .. well .. less than wholesome .. bunch of males.
Anyway, I digress, One of Mr Evenwood's caravan's is late. He wanted someone to go see what the hold up is and bring back the goods and his men .. 

Setting off they soon found the fate of the caravan was not the best .. A small caravan of only two wagons was now a small scene of dead bodies and ruined wagons .. The couple of arrows left in the corpses would indicate Goblins were involved, A fact it would appear was borne out by the tracks Logan found. Although some degree of sorcery seems to have been involved as a sudden darkness befell the big Cleric Ottusk as he was surrounded by a darkness that did not shift from him as he moved .. he called out in panic to the others who, it must be said, did not treat his plight with the greatest of sympathy. Although it's duration did not last long, it's origin did spark some controversy and discussion amongst the party members.
Once the bickering had subsided however they pressed on following Logan and the tracks. The inexperience of the party together may have been a factor, but it was not long before they fell pray to an ambush of goblins .. Fortunately there were not many of the foul creatures although, as predicted, the Avariel did attract his fair share of attention from the goblin archers ..