Mixed fortunes today .. 
First came an almost comical introduction to some new recruits Ariande was on watch and heard movement beyond the ridge-line, waking Ottusk and Logan before a javelin came shooting through the night and bouncing over the camp-fire. Ottustk threw a rock into opposite direction to be greeted with a high pitched squeal and cursing .. As a large brutish figure came into view .. t was lucky Logan was awake to recognise Durth otherwise things could have gotten nasty .. As it was, the Wood Elf Quarren Elldarion, was the only injured party, although with his nose broken and blood streaming down his face he was the only one not laughing at what could have happened .. 
The merriment was short lived however as, perhaps attracted by the sound, perhaps by the dim fire, who can say, but far from expected was an almost warband strength party of Orcs. Archers from the south drew the party to them and the heavy members ran off that way, only for for foot troops to flank them in organisation that is most un-orc-like
In the ensuing battle the Quarren owed his life to young Alyssa, who, after reviving him with her healer's wand, brining him from Kelemvor's grasp, stopped him from falling straight back by placing a crossbow bolt into the eye of an Orc warrior standing over the elf's prostrate form.
Meanwhile, and I hope it is not an example of his berserker wrath, another new arrival, the Half-Grey-Orc Harroon Kleygran was swinging his axe wildly in combat with one of the archers, carving great swaths in the hillside they were fighting on .. but somehow managing to NOT hit his foe and the last of the new arrivals, the Wild Elf Clarrion Ashfall, was having only slightly better luck with his bow. But if things looked bad .. they were soon to get worse .. 
Aravilar, Still gravely wounded from the mace of the Ogre boss tried to take off and fly from the onslaught of the orcs from the flank, was caught as he did so by the wild thrust of an orc spear that cut a deep wound in the Avariel's inner thigh. Spotting Morn close by, he dove towards him, landing heavily at the cleric's side .. an impact which may have distracted Morn from his fighting with one of the orc archers, as soon after the winged form collapsed in a crumpled, barely breathing heap, the Orc swung with all it's might, gliding past the Cleric's defences and burying the blade of it's greataxe in Morn's sternum. Only when the orc yanked it free did Morn's form go limp and collapse on Aravilar's body.
Whether he was trying to subdue one for questioning, or whether he was frustrated I do not know, but when the battle was nearing it's end, Ottusk threw down his axe and began grappling with one of the last remaining orcs, either way, his enthusiasm for it meant the orc's neck was snapped in the struggle .. 

Licking their wounds and burying Morn the party carried on following the goblin's tracks only to find the tracks crossed by bipedal hoofed tracks .. Deciding to investigate the followed them for a short while .. Revlived to find the the feet had belonged to a band of Ibixians, 'Goat-Folk',. though Aravilar was lucky they were distracted by thier own 'Bray-Heard' and did not spot him as he flew close to them, for while they are not evil in nature .. they do like fighting, and as such are quite proficient at it .. and such a large number as their was would almost certainly have done for the party in it's wounded state .. 
Fortunate also once more was Quarren, not least from the retribution of the rest of the party, as upon discerning that he heard chattering voices from behnd a wood, did shout from the back of the line that he had done so, a fact that would alert an foe hiding there. Fortunate then that it was a small band of the 'Rusted Spear' Kobolds seeking to be rid of the gaudily attired mage Bran Stonar who they had found cowering behind a hillock near the site of the ruined caravan.
Their leader did make an intersting point also .. that the goblins were more active, and that there seamed to be new orcs in the area also .. and he blamed it on the party, for killing Kolic and leaving a vacuum of power that now several elements sort to fill .. Perhaps he is right, as evil as he was, maybe things are now more dangerous without Kolic  .............