What a night ... infighting, the undead and a strange changes
While on Watch, the young wood elf Quarren was shocked to see a block of skeletal warriors marching in a column. Quickly but quietly rushing to raise the party, first to be be reached was Ottusk the cleric who went into the automatic mode for one of the cloth and called on divine assistance to deal with the dead foe ..
Half heeded the priests calls, and the others turned from thier parallel march to march on the party ..
Meanwhile , Quarren had moved to the next tent and tried to rouse the newest arrival, Bran. However the wizard was caught quite unawares and as the elf pulled him from his tent he grabbed his quarterstaff and swung wildly, narrowly missing the fighter's face.     
At almost the same instance .. A harsh scream came from Alyssa's tent, waking most of the rest of the camp. When Ariadne came to investigate, she found the young sorceress sat bolt upright in her tent, clutching her forearm upon which now was strapped the Claw Bracer they had taken from the Orcs yesterday, and when she looked at the scout, her eyes had changed shape to those of a cat ..  
Unable to dwell that with the undead bearing down on them all efforts turned to destroying the creatures .. Ottusk's desire to use his bare hands over the greataxe he bares does seem to be worsening .. and why he does so is beyond me I fear.
It did not take long to dispatch the undead and then the various conversations flared .. On one side much calmer than the other .. While Logan and Ariadne determined that Alyssa was in face well and that the bracer on her arm had awakened part of her and that she could now channel the energies of prayer as well as the arcane .. and the the incident with her eyes was only the burgeoning of her relationship with the goddess Sharess .. the other was an argument between the new wizard and the mountain orc cleric that resulted in the latter running off to bury the formers staff that he had snatched from the wizard's hand just after it had nearly removed Quarren's nose.
Such were to conversions though that all failed to notice that the undead that Ottusk had turned with his prayers had returned and were tearing into the camp. Again no match for the skills of the party, but a timely reminder to make sure
that ALL enemies are felled for sure I would think.
Continuing to follow the tracks of the goblins, after Logan finally figuring out which set of tracks they were following, and in which direction, after following them for about an hour only to reveal embarrassedly that he had been leading them back the way the had come last night that is, that had attacked them the walked straight into an ambush of Orcs .. Outnumbered and nearly crippled from the day before .. the fought valiantly, several party members nearly dying, but for the new found powers in the young sorceress Alyssa, Things could easilly have gone so ill for the group .. Especially as the Orcs had with them a Shaman, or at least that was what he appeared as whoever he tried to effect, suffered no ill, apparently ... other then a fear overwhelming the mysterious Solomon Kane as he skulked at the rear of the party and fortunate that the Orcs seemed not to have the will to fight to the death and ran once roughly half their number was felled ... 
One can only hope that the group can survive these onslaughts, or find some refuge to bind thier wounds and recover or Tymora may grow bored of their troubles ...