Well that is something that will keep me awake tonight, The sight of the creature face peeling back to reveal skull and sinew is not something to view over breakfast and I just about kept mine down. I have looked at the creature up and apparently it is known as a Krenshar, a fearsome beast but no more than a beast, Their prey must be scarce for them to track the Party as they tend to shy away from humanoids otherwise.

Slightly more worrying for Mr Evenwood's trade would be the Bandits also encountered. It's been a while since there was any real activity around Raven's Bluff, certainly this close, but the business with the Mayor that was and weakening of the city has meant that patrols have weakened and it looks like they may be getting a little more bold again. Aellias's apparent inability to keep his weapons in his hand this day was a mite disturbing, also was the attitude Darvin took to the loss of his token of faith. I can not think that such a light attitude would sit well with the Lord of Battles, especially as it was lost without struggle in the night.

I know not of a creature that would naturally seek to take such a thing although it's small stature would point away from the bandits encountered earlier.