Darvin fell, but two others have joined the ranks by the looks of things, a Hagspawn Barbarian a HUGE Orog Fighter. The Orog 'Tharag' appears to be a very brutish, although somewhat efficient swordsman and the Hagspawn 'Bheukindt' appears to have a flamboyant style which could get him into trouble in the future, He was fortunate that his failure to jump atop a crypt was so spectacular that even the wolf mount of the goblin attacking him appeared to find it cripplingly amusing and hampered their ability to fight.

With the Cleric of the Lord of Battles fallen, none should really see the gain in chasing down the night's thief further and returned to the trail for the proposed mineral strike. It was then that the goblin's returned in ambush and it could have been far worse even than it was were it not for the Kobold assistance.

The small creatures bore the same markings are the ones they faced at the beginning of the month and led the party to a cave where they were met by the same lady that had led the tribe of Kobolds away from Greggor's farm where they were besieging the party. 
She still hasn't intrduced herself and the Kobolds, apparently of the 'Rusted Spear' tribe, seem to mainly call her "Mistress" or other honorific