With the Ore sample confirmed, The alchemists were ready to return to Mr Evenwood with the good news. Sir Vallis would remain and guard the mine against the goblins should they return, Apparently he considers the battle a defeat and will hold here until Evenwood sends more guards and he can go and hunt the Goblins down and he can redeem himself in the eyes of his Patron 'Red Knight'.
What worries me are the stories circulating the camp fire, Apparently too nights ago, while Durth was on watch, all the party and the miners began to chant 'The Light, The Light, The Light ...' and no matter what he tried he could not rouse anyone. Last night Bheurkint encountered another traveller, this one a man. When the Hag-spawn was distracted briefly he looked into the shadows, and when he returned his gaze to the fire, a gentleman was sat warming his hands, Their conversation was brief and civil, yet apparently a little confusing to the Hag-spawn, and when Bheurkint turned away and returned to the fire once more he was gone.
The strangeness continued to this morning also, When Tharag was packing, apparently he heard a voice over his shoulder whisper. When he turned to see who it was, none of the party were close enough to have said the words. 
According the the giant Orog the whispered voice spoke 'The Lamp's oil was waning'.

Is something happening? Or are they suffering from some mass malady of the mind? I fear for us all either way.