Okay, There is most defiantly more to these bandits than we mere robbing and strong arming merchants and travellers if they are treating with Ogres. There are no where near as many Ogre tribes as Goblins and such so the tribal markings should have been easier to identify from my books, but I can't find them anywhere in the history of the region. What I really don't understand is why they would allow a mere human bandit to talk to them like that one was, they are usually short tempered creatures and the three that were there could easily have pounded the 5 or six humans into a fine paste. Apparently though the Bandits did not want to let the fact that had spoken with Ogres to get out, because they came at the party with a force and practised organisation that was beyond normal ruffians and brutes. Had their leader not fallen I doubt we would have seen the return of the party.

Perhaps it was the thought of throwing his sword away in an overenthusiastic swing while fighting the Bandits but Durth looked a little confused this morning and he didn't want to talk about it, At least it looks like they aren't getting nightly visitors anymore, which has to be a plus