I thought the Goblins had what they wanted, but last night's encounter was after what appeared to be a hunt for them. but then to track them down and and summon the undead to assault the party, Why?
Do they think the group have something they want? I fear there is more to this than meets the eye at present. 
The attack itself was well organised, more so than the response was however. Durth was, well I think the most polite way to put it would be 'Enthusiastic'. Others would say 'Headless Chicken' however, and I fear Suzmec will not sleep easy for some time after the wild swing from the Mountain Orc nearly cleft him in twain to the point where only Morn's rapid response was able to prevent him from passing from this realm.

It could be a good thing for them to get back to Raven's Bluff with haste