A Damsel in Distress, Evil hoards in their dank, dark lairs, rescuing the innocent from the clutches of twisted Lords of Evil ....
The Stuff of Legend ..
At the request of their new friend Alyssa, the party snuck into the Lair of the Bandit Lord Mirko Kolic who had been using them for his own means, Alyssa was forced to use her arcane abilities and her Brother Istvan was forced to learn top steal and use stealth to acquire the things Kolic could not get by force, balancing one's work against the other's life.
Using Alyssa's knowledge, finding the underground lair of the bandits was easy and the light guard were overcome with little effort, knowing that they needed to stop the alarm being raised they could be able to sneak past to where young Istvan was being held.
The three guards on the cell were overcome with relative ease and all was going well, that was until A figure appeared n the doorway blocking their exit. Upon seeing him, Istvan grabbed Alyssa, burying his head in her skirts. She herself turned ashen and stared at the new arrival in abject horror. The fact that the giant undead he was able to call into action nearly slaughtered the party outright. Only young Instvan escaped unscarred and only Alyssa and Suzmec were the others left standing at the end. They were furtnate that Alyssa appeared to ire the enemy so much that he focused on her and missed her brother driving a crossbow bolt into his brain through his throat.
Alyssa and Istvan were reticent to tell of why they were so in terror of this man, who they know as Baltazar Ghelt, but that he was a worshiper of Lovitar, it probably does not need a great deal of imagination to come up with a suitable reason.