I was so exited by the action earlier that my quill broke and I had to look around for a new one and when I came back things had gotten even more tense..
Just as the Party thought they had rescued young Istvan, bound their wounds and were ready to sneak back out, there came a crashing of bells and bellow of calls, THe dead guards at the entrance had been discovered.
Whether it was the noise of battle, Ghelt, of the unfortunate timing of a shift change, I guess we'll never know, but what became obvious was that they were not getting out the way they had gotten in.
Fortunately, Istvan and Alyssa had recovered their senses from dealing with Ghelt enough for the young lad to remember a possible 'back door' and lead the Party, at a fair lick it must be said, down deeper into the caves.

The way was obviously no problem for a boy of 10 and his slender 15 year old sister, but it was a claustrophobically tight experience for the bulky Mountain Orc, Durth, who needed help at times to get through some of the tight spaces. But it was when they got into an open cavern that things got really dangerous.

The cavern, though dark, was wide and expansive and had a wide fissure running the breadth of it and only a fragile looking arc of rock spanning the gap.

While Durth tried to bring the entrance they had just used, as the shouting of angry bandit’s was becoming louder as they closed on their prey, Istvan dragged hard on his sister’s sleeve to pull her faster through and over the bridge, Morn illuminated the area around him with a prayer and the other’s spread out and tried to formulate the best move forward.

With the Mountain Orc making little progress and the bandit hoard bearing down on them things were looking about as bad as they could get, until Istvan had to duck an roll to avoid being caught buy something flying in the darkness. With panic beginning to ensue and, in spite of Aellias’ insistence to stay with them the two newcomers bolted over the bridging span to the other side of the chasm. The swooping darkness, which Logan would later discover to be a somewhat emaciated griffon grabbed Suzmec and lifted him from the ground, but with only one arm grabbed it could not maintain it’s grasp and dropped the warlock after only a few yards flight which meant that he was better off than Aellias would soon be as, while attempting to cross the rock span he was grabbed and lifted into the air, He was ablt to wriggle free but he landed hard as he was far higher than Suzmec had been.

Fighting their way back to the bridge, the party filled across, the unconscious Suzmec being carried by Logan and Aellias. With more and more bandits spilling into the cavern Durth turned to strike the bridging span, although exactly how far he had thought it through was debateable as he was still standing on it at the time..

With chastising words from Aellias and Logan and Morn, the Mountain Orc was persuaded to climb down to safety and to head down the the next choke point. Fearing the bandints would catch them though,

A Larger and more powerful bandit had emerged from the tunnel and was bellowing at the others to cross the bridge after the party, Logan stood at the end of the bridge to find off as many as he could, It was then that Tymora smiled on the Party, as the griffon dove at one of the bandits crossing the now weakened bridge and the impact of the hunger-maddened beast caused it to snap right where Durth had struck it, throwing the Rashemi ranger into the air and Beshaba stayed her hand as he landed, all be it heavily, on the Party’s side of the chasm, With the party on one side and the bandits on the other they breathed a small sigh and headed for the relative safety of the cavern exit.

It was getting dark and they knew they would not reach the other’s guarding the alchemists before dawn, and pushing on till the felt safe, they camped for the night.

Though it was ot long before their slumber was interrupted by a ravening pack of wolves.

The wolves were dispatched with relative ease, young Istvan was able to find one off and keep his sister safe, but it does look like Beshaba may have been toying with them after all