Welcome to The Vast



The Vast is a Region in the north of the Continent of Faerun on the world of Aber-Toril

With it's coast on the Dragon Reach on the north of the Sea Of Falling Stars, The Earthspurr Mountains to the North and East and the Earthfast Mountains to the south

In the past it has been in the hands of both Orcs and Dwarves

The conflics between these two races cripled both empires, although the remnents of both remain

The Prodominently human population that now covers most of the lowland areas are hardy, pioneering folk but they have more than thier fair share of Bandits and Pirates on the Rivers that are the main trade routes


The City of Raven's Bluff 

Based at the mouth of The Fire River, Raven's Bluff is the second largest city in The Vast with trade it's biggest sorce of income

The city is coming back again after a war. Previous Mayor, Lady Amber Thoden, had been at the center of rebuilding the city, until it was discovered that her real name was Myrkyssa Jelan, The Adventurer who two years ago lead the invading hoards who ransacked the city.

Her whereabouts have not been discovered since she left office in the resultant turmoil surrounding her unmasking.

Charles O'Kane is back in charge again and Adventurers are coming back to the city and the region, attracted by O'Kane's reputation as an 'Adventurer's Freind' and by the promise of work. The army of Raven's Bluff was all but destroyed in the turmoil surrounding the Jelan invasion and adventurers have been picking up the slack with repect to caravan guarding and bandit clearing.

More of a free port than the larger Calaunt on the river Vesper to the north, it handles more free-trader types then the cartel driven trade of the reputidly more corupt Calaunt docks.

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