The Red Griffon Inn

Based on Talon Street, just off he center of the docks on the north bank of The Fire River, its a resonabley priced establishement with uslually plenty of rooms available and there is rearly ever any touble, certainly a lot less than any othe Dockside Inn in the realms

Fodel Dotsk runs the place and is always happy to acept coin for Ale, food or lodgings. Although he's not a great chef by any streach of the imaginantion, he is particularly proud of his Mutton and Leek stew.

Carved into the mantle of the door is the unoffical motto of the The Red Griffon "Nem idegesíti fel a fél Orcot" which loosly translates as 'Do not p*ss-off the Half-Orc'

The Crecent Shrine

Not far from The Red Griffon, lies the small temple to the Moonmaiden, Seluné

It's main minister is Lalin Nan, She and her sisters are always willing to lend a prayer.


Ember's Emporium

On the Street of Shining Light you will find your 'One Stop Shop' for everything Adventurer.

There is alomst nothing (legal at leat, although repudadly not exclusivly) that this store does not stock, but don't be discouraged by the dis-organised appearnce of the store, It's owner, Bűvös Ember,  knows where everything is ... Well, almost everything.

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