Those who are no longer with us

Passed beyond the vale ...

Darvin Buckman 

(Human Cleric of Tempus)

At the Lord of Battle's behest, he has come form the Dalelands to this battle-ravaged region to spread the influence of Tempus the Warrior and The Guardian.

Darvin fell fighting Goblins in the foothills of the Earthfast Mountains

Those gone to Pastures New 

 Durth Hewskull

(Mountain Orc Fighter)

A former slave, raised from young to be a pit fighter in the Sword Coast before his master took him 'On Tour' He gained his master's trust enough for the slaver to lower his guard. Durth then killed him and escaped to freedom. He has found his way to Raven's Bluff as their need for strong arms and backs has over-ruled many's prejudices. 

 Morn Redgarr 

(Human Cleric of Grumbar)

Joined that party in the Earthfast Mountains. It was suggested that he travel with them by Stolic of the Rusted Spear Kobold Tribe after he was found wandering the mountains.

Morn was felled by a mighty sweep from an Orc archer's axe that that caved in his chest while the flow of battle had taken him to far from aid

 Bheurkint Uruk

(Hagspawn Barbarian)

Sweeping in from Rashamem with his Orog mercenary companion, Both have come to the Vast as Sell-Swords on the search for coin.


 Tharag Ungurth

(Orog Fighter)

From the depths of the Underdark the Orog mercenary joined the party in the foothills of the Earthfast mountains


 Suzmec Kuruntu Etmec

(Aasimar Warlock)

There is something oddly 'Of the Night' about him for one with such a celestial bloodline. 

He left Mulhorand for reasons undisclosed, though rumours persist as various as numourous as the stars. Hopes to loose himself in the lands of The Vast.

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