Once I hear of a job, I'll pass it on to you guys ..

.                                                                                                                                                   ...for my usual commission of course

Fetch .

July 22, 2011
All right there boys and girls?
Now I know dat I ai't bin arround dat much o'late, bin a bit tied up ye know? Anyways, Old Evenwood's bin on to me again, says one o' his little caravans comin darne from Calnut is late , few days late n'all . Want' you lot to go see if you can find it .. say thers stuff in it he really needs ..
Usual rate, cudn't really push it sein as ye'll be taking newbies out with ye .. they needs to get a bit o' Vast Dust on there boots before we can start pullin in shinier coin I fink ..  


October 11, 2010
Well Ember seems 'appy that 'er awld mate Greggor is fine, but a little distraught that she can't get 'er 'ands on that 'erb no more.

Anyways I've got news that a merchant by the name of Evenwood finks he's found a new strike in the Earffast Moun'ains and he's lookin for guys to 'elp make sure his team can get there to, ... (what was the word again ?, oh yeah) ... 'Verify the Find' and if its good, to keep an eye on the site 'till 'e can get some propper diggers and stuff on site. 

It's not a s...
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First Job

September 24, 2010
Hey there boys

Ang's been on to me again and he say's he fink's you are the one he's gonna go wif.

He's given me somefink he calls a 'visiostone', say's hell be able to see wot you's have done so he can write his "matserpieces".

Anyways, fink I may have somefink for yous that 'll pay n'all. Nice n' easy little trip up along by the river to see what's happened to Old Ember's friend Greggor. He has a small holding a couple of days walk out and grows some 'Special 'Erbs' for 'er. He normaly comes i...
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