Friends of the Party and Noted Peoples

Pavel 'Pav' Starag.

Pav is a young local Bard, or at least he calims to be, though no one can seam recall him ever really playing the fiddle he carries round with him all the time.

He likes to think of himself as 'People who knows people' and can often be found 'welcoming' new arivals at the dockside or in one of the many Inns and Taverns of the City, he is almost never alone.

Charles O'Kane - Mayor of Raven's Bluff

Mayor O'Kane is widley known as 'The Adventurer's Friend'. He made is fortune and reknown as a swordsman of some note within the region

Fodel Dotsk - Propietor of the Red Griffon

Fodel was a Wizard's apprentice in his youth but never had the patience to study properly

The Red Griffon is one of the safer establishments in the city, due in no small part to it being a favorate haunt of foremen on the dockide ...

... and of Besk Damask

Lalin Nan - Preistess of Seluné

Lalin runs a small ministry to the Moon Maiden, just a few doors away from The Red Griffon called the Crecent Shrine

Her usual flock come and go with the tradeing ships, alothough she is always happy to aid good natured people where she can, as long as they are happy to hear of Our Lady Of Silver's teaching while she does.

Any Donations to the cause are also welcomed

Besk Damask

A giant Half-Moutain-Orc, no one really knows where Besk came from or what he does when he isn't at The Red Griffon. Even Fodel does not know and just claims that he sort of 'came with the inn'

He never talks and rarely moves from his seat by the door. Unless that is someone starts a ruckus in the bar. When has been seen to calmly rise to his feet, pick up the trouble maker, plant a swft head-butt on them, carry thier unconcious body out of the door before dumping them in the street and returning to his chair.

Bűvös Ember - Owner of Ember's Emporium

A Lightfoot Halfling, Bűvös has a reputation for selling almost anything and adventurer may want, form Weapons and armour to tomes anf spell componets.

However Only she seems to be able to find anything in her store and her usual freindly manner can change to snarl of you question her filing system

Ang Orasan  

A Sun Elf scribe who sees himself as 'The Next Volo' but needs to get titles under his baldric first. Hopes the arival of large numbers of Adventurers in Raven's Bluff will provide him with insparition and informaion for his works

 "Mistress ??????"

Saviour  of the party now on TWO occasions. She speaks mostly Draconic, a fact which has  led several Party members to speculate that she could really be a Dragon, and appears to be trying to turn a tribe of Kobolds away from Evil

Stolic of the Rusted Spear Tribe

Elder of the tribe and most trusted of "Mistress"

Rusted Spear Tribe

Kobolds the live in the Earthfast mountains and follow  the commands of one they call simply "Mistress" who appears to be trying to reform the tribe as a whole.

Sir Vallis Debren - Paladin of Red Knight

A young knight from Cormyr out to prove himself worthy of joining the Purple Dragon Knight

 Aldus Evenwood - Merchant

There is very little that Mr Evenwood won't and indeed does not, transport and trade in.
Has recently gotten into the mining trade as well with a confirmed Silver Strike in the Earthfast Moutains

Istvan Donnivantic - Rogue

Younger brother of Alyssa, young Isvan was rescued by the party from the lair of Mirko Kolic

Royrin Bardenhall - Cleric of Dugmaren Brightmantle

Hardy leader of a band of Shield Dwarves who are seeking long lost relics of their race's past glories in the region

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