The Party Themselves 

Aellias Lostervai Dearkheart

(Half-Drow Swashbuckler)

Nimble and quick, Aellias came to Raven's Bluff to find a place for himself in a world where both sides of his lineage consider him flawed and an outcast

Aradun Baermorder

(Arctic Dwarf Ranger)

From the frozen reaches of the north Aaradun was overcome by Wanderlust and the hope to find those who share his socialble nature (as long as they aren't Frost Giants)

Logan Ulftilhenger

(Human Ranger)

Riding from Rashamen in search of renown and fame, Logan has come to The Vast on his 'Dajemma' or 'Manhood Quest' in the hopes that in the quantity of adventure, he can prove his quality.

Bran Stonar

(Human Wizard)

Previously employed by Aldus Evenwood's Partner in Calanut . He had been left for dead by the marauding goblins when they hit the caravan he was hired to protect, but saved by a Scout band of the Rusted Spear tribe of Kobolds who bade him travel with the party (AS he was to big, clumsy and gaudily dressed to travel with the Kobolds)

Falron 'The Good' Moondawn

(Wood Elf Ranger)

From the scattered remnants of Cormanthor Elves, he has been wandering for some time and now has come to Ravens Bluff, will this be somewhere he can call home?

 Aravilar Tarnruth

(Avariel Fighter)

Far from the 'Angel' he appears to be, this Winged Elf swooped into town with little but coin on his mind .. Luckily there is plenty floating around Raven's Bluff ... for the right sword.

 Ariadne Volpe

(Human Scout)

From the Boarders of Amn this young lady arrived in the Vast escaping from something she would not talk about .. Befriending Alyssa Donnicova and finding the Party in Raven's Bluff

Ottusk Boarnen

(Mountain Orc Cleric of Gargos)

Here to test his axe against those of the rest of such a region. This worshipper of Lord of Skill At arms looks to spread the word, as much as spread his foes innards across the landscape . 

 Solomon Kane

(Humanoid Rogue)

A Dour and Solemn creature hailing from parts unkown and with little or no desire to discuss his reasons for being in The Vast

 Clarrion Ashfall

(Wild Elf Fighter)

At the behest of his tribal elders. Clarrion has ventured far from the jungles of Chult to learn of the progress of the younger races .. And if they should be feared

 Harroon Kleygran

(Half Grey-Orc Barbarian)

Last survivor of his tribe from deep in the Silver Marches, Butchered by the encroaching human civilisations .. Now little more than a Blood-Money Mercenary trading his axe for coin and not caring to much about it's origin  

 Quarren Elldarian

(Wood Elf Fighter)

Youngest of 9 sons of Lord Elldarian, Quarren has come to the Vast to seek reknown and a name he can take back to his house

 Alyssa Donnicova

(Human Sorceress & Favoured Soul of Sharess)

Alyssa and her younger brother Istvan were captured and forced to use their talents to aid the Bandit Lord 'Mirko Kolic'. Each one's life was used to motivate the other. She turned on her captors in the hope the Party could help her free them from the nightmare

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